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Maths Grade 6 & 7 CBSE

Every child requires unique attention to resolve their learning gaps and build a foundation for success in later life.

Get your child ready with funtoot, the Personal Digital Tutor for Maths Grade 6 & 7 CBSE, powered by artificial intelligence. funtoot acts as a personal tutor to every child, anticipating and acting on their needs and help them attain mastery on every topic they attempt to learn.

No more phobia for maths & science, improved scores and unique attention to your child.

funtoot – Personalized Learning for Maths & Science.

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Product Description

funtoot, The Personal Digital Tutor for Maths Grade 6 & 7 CBSE, creates a personalized learning path for every child, constantly adapting to their needs and progress.

  1. Personalized Learning – Adjusts complexity & speed per child and guides learning from lower complexity to higher complexity.
  2. Step-by-Step Analysis – Evaluate granular steps used by student to solve problems. Identify learning gaps exhibited by a student.
  3. Contextual Assistance – Timely need-based interventions when students are struggling at any topic. Error messages & hints to video tutorials and full solutions helps student self-correct.
  4. Reward Success – Reward student with skill points for solving problems and completing topics. Display student & class dashboard and email weekly progress notifications.

50,000+ students across schools in India are benefiting from our unique approach combining artificial intelligence, computing technology, cognitive psychology and pedagogy to create higher learning achievements in every child.

funtoot for Maths Grade 6 & 7 CBSE covers the following topics:

  1. Addition
  2. Subtraction
  3. Multiplication
  4. Division
  5. Angles
  6. Area and Perimeter
  7. Averages
  8. Concepts of Algebra
  9. Data Handling
  10. Decimal
  11. Expansion and Factorisation
  12. Exponents
  13. Factors and Multiples
  14. Fractions
  15. Integers
  16. Linear Equations
  17. Nets and Visualization
  18. Number System
  19. Parallel Lines
  20. Percentage
  21. Points and Lines
  22. Polygons
  23. Polynomials
  24. Probability
  25. Profit Loss and Discount
  26. Quadrilaterals
  27. Ratio and Proportion
  28. Real Numbers
  29. Roman Numerals
  30. Shapes
  31. Simple Interest
  32. Symmetry
  33. Triangles
  34. Variation
  35. Volume and Surface Area
  36. Whole Numbers


  1. Upon activation of your subscription, you will be able to use funtoot content for the lowest Grade. When you complete the content for the lower grade and become ready for the higher grade, you can upgrade and can start using funtoot content for the higher grade.
  2. Please note that once you upgrade to using funtoot content for higher grade, you will not be able to use funtoot content for the lower grade.
  3. At any given instance ONLY 1 Grade can be activated

funtoot is Your Personal Digital Tutor for Maths Grade 6 & 7 CBSE, powered by Artificial Intelligence.


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