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Essential needs on your learning journey, provided by funtoot

funtoot is a revolutionary online learning aide in the world of math & science.

The funtoot learning experience is a unique fun-filled learning journey and an important beacon, guiding your child towards a bright future. Acting like a personal tutor to every child funtoot anticipates their needs and helps create higher learning achievements on every topic they attempt.

Features of funtoot

Discover Interests and Aptitude

Helps create learning based on child’s context.

Unique Learning Path

Adjusts complexity & speed per child and guides cross-concept learning.


Checkpoint Tests

Regular checkpoints to monitor progress before and after learning.


Multiple Question Types

Question responses support descriptive answers, step-by-step entries, fill in the blanks, multiple choice, match content, word problems…

Step by step Problem Solving

Evaluate granular steps used by student to solve problems.

Granular Error Identification

Identify learning gaps exhibited by a student at an atomic concept level.

Self correction of Learning Gaps

Guide students with multiple attempts and intervention like hints and solutions to self-correct and master.

Real-time Assistance

Timely need-based interventions when students are struggling at any topic. Ranges from mild messages & hints to video tutorials and full solutions.

Develop Problem Solving Skills

Guided learning path from lower complexity to higher complexity, resulting in remember, understand and application of knowledge.

Instant Encouragement

Reward student with fundaas (skill points) for solving problems and completing topics. 

Concept Video Tutorials

(Grade 9 only) Videos to explain principles and working examples in active topic.

Progress Reports & Notifications

Reports dashboard for students, parents & teachers and weekly email notifications.

Plans & Pricing

funtoot offers attractive home learning packages 


funtoot Mathematics or funtoot Science

Single Subject Subscription Plans

1 Year

  • 1 year access to funtoot Math or Science.
  • Choose your grade & board (CBSE, ICSE).
  • All funtoot features as above.
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3 Year

  • 3 years access to funtoot Math or Science.
  • Choose starting grade & board (CBSE, ICSE).
  • Upgrade to next grades after completing previous grades.
  • All funtoot features as above.
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funtoot Science & Mathematics

Multiple Subject Subscription Plans

2 Year

  • 2 years access to funtoot Math plus Science.
  • Choose starting grade & board (CBSE, ICSE).
  • Upgrade to next grade on completion of starting grade.
  • All funtoot features as above.
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3 Year

  • 3 years access to funtoot Math plus Science.
  • Choose starting grade & board (CBSE, ICSE).
  • Upgrade to next grades after completing previous grades.
  • All funtoot features as above.
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Frequently asked Questions

What is the basic requirement / eligibility to signup?

No eligibility criteria is set. For most benefit guidelines are:

  • You should have completed the previous grade (e.g. if you are purchasing Grade 4 Maths, you should have finished Grade 3).
  • You need to have basic surfing capabilities to access funtoot. There is no need for any technical qualifications.
  • funtoot runs on any browser on Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Chrome book computers. The only requirement to run funtoot is updated browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE).
What is the format of this product?

funtoot consists of practice questions, solutions and remediations. The product will recognize a child’s learning gap and will help correct most of them using a mix of hints, tutorials and solutions. funtoot will then test understanding of that concept by presenting next question of similar difficulty.

For how long will I have access to the funtoot?

Access to funtoot is for one year from the date of purchase. If you purchase funtoot in the middle of academic session, you can upgrade it to be used for next grade. Please send a mail to with original invoice to activate the grade change.

For multi-year options how do I access higher grades?

Upon activation of your subscription, you will be able to use funtoot content for the selected start grade. When you complete the content for the start grade you can upgrade and can start using funtoot content for the higher grade. Please note:

  • Once you upgrade to using funtoot content for higher grade, you will not be able to use funtoot content for the lower grade.
  • At any given instance ONLY 1 Grade can be activated
Can I cancel after signing up? Is the product purchase refundable?

No, it will not be possible to cancel your registration after enrollment. Once a subscription is purchased, funtoot will not be able to provide any refund, either in full or in part.

Will funtoot work on a low-bandwidth / dial up connection?

For proper functioning of funtoot we recommend that you should have a broadband connection of 512 kbps and above. Although funtoot will also work at lower connection speeds, for an optimum learning experience it is recommended that you have at least a connection speed of 256 kbps.

Other questions?

See our full faq

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