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funtoot is my personal tutor

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Math is now so much fun

funtoot helped bring back the joy in learning

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funtoot personalized learning - Bring back the joy for Math & Science

A revolutionary online learning aide, funtoot takes a child through a unique fun-filled learning journey in the world of math & science.

The funtoot learning experience is an important beacon, guiding your child towards a bright future

1-on-1 Teaching

funtoot is a personal tutor to every child, anticipating and acting on their needs and helping them attain mastery on every topic they attempt to learn.


Personalized Learning

funtoot creates a customized learning path for each child by taking into account his/her understanding level, interests, current and past performances and knowledge dependencies.

Higher Achievements

funtoot prepares every child for higher learning and achievements by unlocking their potential, supporting them at every step and helping connect learning with real life.


funtoot is an excellent feature to fill the learning gaps in individual learners. I find the interest level mounting up session after session as the exercises are very organized. It is both teacher friendly and student friendly. Weekly feedback given by the funtoot co-ordinator clearly indicates where we stand.

Dr. M. Porchelvi

Principal, Alpha Wisdom Vidyashram School

funtoot is an intelligent personal tool for enhancing the interest of student towards maths. It helps each child according to their own capability of learning. It also helps to develop higher interest for studies in child and provides individual attention to each student.

Dr. Anjali Kulshreshtha

Principal, Public School Kharod

funtoot is an extremely helpful and interesting software program. It has helped in generating interest among students for Math. It has been a very good diagnostic tool for teachers to know how effective their teaching has been. It is an efficient tool for the school management to know and evaluate the teaching and learning process of school.

Mrs. Renu Rao

Army Public School, Bangalore

funtoot is a great program for improving our Math skills. It helps me challenge myself. I spend more time on funtoot as it helps me get more marks.

Student, Alpha Cambridge International School

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